The Space

In 2001, the Archaos company moved into a former metalworks factory in the northern part of Marseille and created a space “for artists by artists”.

In 2012, the company was awarded the Pôle National Cirque certification making it an official French national circus center and reinforcing its mission to support circus artists and contemporary circus creation.

As a former industrial complex, the Archaos space provides a large floor area and the ceiling height required to practice the different circus disciplines.

The Archaos space is comprised of two halls, each measuring 600m2:

The In Vitro hall, is dedicated to artistic residencies and the presentation of performances and workshop productions. Along with a stage, there are two dressing rooms and a kitchen area for companies. During Rendez-vous Cirque events, this space is transformed into a bar and restaurant for the audience.

The Bouinax hall, is dedicated to various activities, including community circus workshops, cultural initiatives, free professional training for performers, continuing professional education courses, and other one-off activities.